The project PARICHAI envisaged with an objective to provide effective and efficient Government service to citizens. It will help departments create an authentic and de-duplicated data repository for their beneficiaries. This will support Government Departments towards better planning and monitoring of schemes and shall provide a platform for Aadhaar enabled service delivery to the State Government Departments. The MP PARICHAI is working as project under Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation (MPSEDC) Limited, which is a government of Madhya Pradesh undertaking under Department of Science and Technology. MPSEDC is aadhaar authentication agency (AUA) and provides aadhaar authentication services to various departments of government of Madhya Pradesh in MP PARICHAI project.


PARICHAI shall provide following services to the department, once department gets on-boarded in PARICHAI:

  • Aadhaar Authentication and electronic Know Your Citizen (eKYC) services: These services will be extension of Aadhaar-based authentication and eKYC services provided by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), where MPPARICHAI is acting as facilitator i.e. Authentication User Agency (AUA) for utilizing these services.  Using authentication services, the beneficiary gets verified electronically, wherein e-KYC services shall fetch & display the demographic and photographic details of the beneficiary. 

  • Aadhaar Data Vault (ADV): is “single, secured and centralized” database system which is isolated from department’s database. It is applicable only for Global AUA, which MPSEDC is.  ADV will only have aadhaar number and a unique reference key generated against each aadhaar in such manner that actual aadhaar number could never be derived from its reference key. Aadhaar number in ADV is stored only after encrypting from the keys placed in highly secure hardware security module (HSM) devices. PARICHAI, as AUA, provides ADV services to its sub-AUAs for:

    • conversion of existing aadhaar to reference keys,

    • reference keys can be queried for their corresponding aadhaar, for purposes like Aadhaar enabled direct benefit transfer (DBT) 

  • Business Intelligence (BI): Business intelligence will be provided to the department on request, which are on-boarded with the PARICHAI, for efficient monitoring of aadhaar transactions.  

  • Analytical Reports for Departments: Based on department’s requirements custom Analytical reports can be prepared which will help department in efficient monitoring of aadhaar transactions, and then take information-based decision.

Important to Note: 

  • Aadhaar related data shall only be used for internal purpose and service delivery within/by the department as prescribed under THE AADHAAR (TARGETED DELIVERY OF FINANCIAL AND OTHER SUBSIDIES, BENEFITS AND SERVICES) ACT, 2016 and the rules frame under the same. The confidentiality of the Non-aadhaar related data (like reports for BI Analytics) provided by PARICHAI shall also be maintained. Aadhaar eKYC data should be stored only in the encrypted format and must be used only for the purpose disclosed to the resident to which it belongs to. 

  • Load testing: Department must not perform any kind of load testing using Aadhaar authentication hitting PARICHAI (and UIDAI) Production and Pre-Production (both) servers, and replaying stored biometrics even if it’s by automated load runner.

  • Usage of Pre-production system: will be available for testing with following limitations:

    • Maximum number of transactions allowed in a day (including any kind of Auth and eKYC) will be 50 (fifty).

    • If a department / agency are only in pre-production, then cumulative total no. of transactions allowed will be 500 (five hundred). Any further pre-production transactions will be allowed only after department / agency moves to Production. 

Note: Pre-production MUST not be used for providing services to residents.

  • Virtual ID: UIDAI has introduced a virtual identifier (VID) which can be used by residents, in place of Aadhaar number. VID is a 16 digit number which can be generated from UIDAI portal i.e. VID can be re-generated multiple times for same Aadhaar number, after 24 hrs elapses from earlier VID generated. This VID will be a temporary number, and must not be stored in departments’ database. Departments have to give residents, option to use VID in place of Aadhaar after 1st August 2018. 

  • Non-storing of Aadhaar Number: Departments are not allowed to store Aadhaar Number in their database. Instead they should use Reference keys and UID Token in lieu of Aadhaar. Aadhaar number (if existing) should be replaced with UID Token and Reference keys.

    • UID Token: Since many departments want to de-duplicate their database based on Aadhaar seeding, UIDAI has introduced UID Token which will remain unique at all times for a particular Aadhaar  number. UIDAI will generate a 72 character string and share in response to Aadhaar authentication request submitted by the department acting as “requesting entity” (general term for AUA or sub-AUA).

    • Reference key: For all practical purpose, instead of Aadhaar number, reference keys should be used. It is 18-digit number and can be stored in database tables as well. PARICHAI as AUA will provide reference keys through Aadhaar Data Vault (ADV) services. It is only when aadhaar number has to be sent to NPCI / Banks, for transferring subsidy directly into Aadhaar holder’s bank account using Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS), reference key cannot be used. In such case, Aadhaar number against that reference key can be fetched from PARICHAI, however, must not be stored.


For further details / query, department may ‘click here’ and write to Project Director, PARICHAI for requesting on-board. 


Last Updated : 10-08-2020 16:02:46