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Madhya Pradesh...

A Strategic Destination for I.T. Investments

Unmatched opportunities, culturally rich lifestyle and blissful solitude.... are the hallmarks of Madhya Pradesh. The state has a mesmerizing mystique made up of nature’s bounty, a rich cultural heritage, a cosmopolitan life style, and immense possibilities for growth. M.P. has the best Strategic Location as it is situated at the centre of India with catchment area of approximately 50% of India’s population. Well connected to all the major Indian cities and ports. It has Strong Resource Base, Good Road Network, commercial airports, inland container depots, and train connectivity. Also, the state offers 24x7 industrial power and dedicated water supply for industries.

Madhya Pradesh has around 4,954 km of railway lines & the state is connected to different states of the country through more than 425 trains which run on daily basis. Habibganj will become the country’s first railway station to be redeveloped into an attractive commercial hub with hotels, offices & shops. Further, in M.P., Human resources are cheaper as compared to rest of the Country. Major projects such as Smart City Mission, Solid Waste Management Project, Metro Rail Project etc. will be implemented in Bhopal soon. Madhya Pradesh is among the top cotton producing states in India. Seven cities of Madhya Pradesh are in Smart City Mission of GoI.


  Parameters   Madhya Pradesh
  Capital   Bhopal
  Geographical Area (Sq. Km.)   308,000
  Administrative Districts (No.)   52
  Population density (Persons Per Sq. Km.)   236
  Total Population (Million)   78
  Literacy Rate (%)   70.6


World’s largest solar power plant in Neemuch is operational in the state. MP is the premier tourist destination in India. It has 25 Sanctuaries, 10 National Parks and 6 Tiger Reserves. The state’s cost of living is up to 25% lower than Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. More than 500 services are being delivered electronically/online/via mobile. Country’s first Electronic Manufacturing Clusters came to Bhopal and Jabalpur.


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